Individual or "private" sessions are beneficial to players who want to develop faster in a positive, supportive yet challenging environment.

Sessions are personalized, planned and prepared to the individual needs of the player and their specific goals.

We work heavily on the technical aspects with the objective of improving your weaknesses while not ignoring your strengths (these need work too!).

Through regular sessions you will improve not only your game on the field but also your self confidence.



Partner sessions are for players at similar levels with matching motivations and the willingness to improve their game.

Similar to Individual training where sessions are planned and prepared to the needs of the players and their desired outcomes.

We can design these sessions with an element of competition between the players, which can get the best out of the players and drive the session to a whole new level!



Much the same as our Partner sessions, we attempt to have players of similar levels, matching motivations and the desire to improve their game in our small group training environment. Small Group sessions offer a low player to coach ratio that ensures each player the individual attention necessary for proper technical development.

We provide individual skill and technique work with partner and multi player progressions. The competition element between the players definitely gets the best out of them!



Group Training sessions are fantastic for real life game situation and decision making scenarios. We continue to work on fundamental technical skills with individualized instruction / correction, introduce tactical elements of the game and develop rapport with your team mates around you.

Group Training involves fast paced, dynamic and high intensity small sided games, which are coached to ensure we learn from situations and scenarios, we stop - coach / correct - recreate - learn.....all in a positive environment


Our coaching staff have worked with many many teams in many different countries (New Zealand, Australia, Cook Islands, England, Singapore, Thailand, Bangladesh).

In our Team / Club Training sessions we help your players improve their individual, team skills, communication and bring our professional experience to your team.

We can tailor the session(s) to a specific topic, block of training, curriculum over a certain period of time or the entire season!